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The law firm “Vijay Teotia and Legal Associates” was founded in 2013 with a view to provide legal assistance with professional acumen in informal environment.

www.kannonisalah.com is an online and offline legal service forum. We help corporates and individuals to get affordable legal related services i.e. litigation handling, documentation etc. We also help corporates and individuals to get the legal help in the form of consultation, preparation of documents, litigation handling etc. through experienced and qualified legal professionals for a wide range of legal issues. We at www.kannonisalah.com simplify the first step in a particular legal problem by handling litigation in a professional manner.

We have a wide network of experienced lawyers and professionals from diverse fields. We advise on various facets of transaction, working closely with domain experts, consulting and accounting firms, chartered accountants and professionals from various disciplines ensuring that we provide prompt and accurate advice to our clients. We have good network of lawyers and legal professionals across major business locations in India.

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